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Answer, Stanza 1: non existent approaches to treatment and prophylaxis

It appears that any treatment or preventative isn't discussed openly in a coherent way. Only pharma industry mega-projects worth billions such as vaccines are discussed. And the media as well as the government says absolutely NOTHING about prophylactic measures you can take such as vitamins.

HCQ is totally off the table because it's associated with Trump, and stupid leftist retards who hate Trump report everything in the media.

Anything that isn't engineered at mega-cost specifically for Covid isn't mentioned.

And the press is too stupid and deep state focused to ask the right questions.

So budesonide isn't mentioned much - it's a geek topic.

Nothing whatsoever is said by top or local officials in ANY way about the role of vitamins or supplements: C, D3, Zinc mainly.

Stanza 2: Herd immunity not mentioned at any level as a possibility, and the US lockdown response does the worst possible job of creating herd immunity.

(The "covid parties", assuming they are a real thing and not an astroturfed news story or disinformation, may be an instinctual way of dealing with the virus by creating herd immunity.

Stanza 3: The Chinese "miracle" is a total lie because human life does not factor into China's political or economic actions. And all clues indicate that the virus was engineered in China. Only dumbass lefties appear to believe China's numbers or the efficacy of their methods.

Stanza 4: The government is fabricating the gravity of the crisis by skewing statistics and deliberately misattributing deaths to Covid. What I think of here is all of the weeping and outraged medical professionals that go on interviews and exhort how real the epidemic is. A lot of testimonials seem to be astroturfed for the human angle.

Personally, I know one person in my community whom i believe contracted Covid in the early spring, recovered, and still suffers side effects and poor health from it. She got massively sick, but survived. The medical support she got was ridiculously stupid and cruel.

In addition, the implementation of policy is so bad because of Trump. (items #1, #2, #4 to a lesser extent)

Trump isn't intellectually adept enough to understand any of these issues (except perhaps for the rapaciousness of the Chinese regime, and he does understand greed) so he has completely lacked the information to steer the US response in the correct direction. Donald Trump simply doesn't have the brains to have his own discernment about the issues of what you tell the public as a coherent message.

Therefore you have administration officials taking the lead and creating bad policy, because the boss doesn't know shit.


I vill trransmit this information to Vladimir.

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