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by SureThing, Sunday, July 19, 2020, 19:56 (27 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

How the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) covered up the coronavirus outbreak

A very good history of the Covid-19 outbreak. Here are some quotations from the video:

According to VeriFlight, scheduled international flight services from China did not face a significant drop-off until March 30, 2020, while scheduled domestic travel was severely limited as early as February 9, 2020.

Why would the CCP hide the human-to-human transmission, and then allow people to travel abroad?

An expert on the CCP said:

"The CCP always takes its political power as the most important thing. It also takes economic operations as extremely important, since economic operations guarantee social stability [inside Chine], and thus guarantees its political power. So in this process, the CCP let international flights continue their travel ... to give the world a false appearance of stability, guaranteeing multinational companies would stay inside China. And to the whole world, the CCP gave people the false impressions that it could control the epidemic and the situation. That was to avoid all of its foreign investment from vanishing, and all of its businesses from going into upheaval. So, in this situation, the CCP did not order international flights to close down. On top of that, on January 31, 2020 ... the CCP was aggravated after Trump ordered a temporary ban on Chinese air travel. The [Chinese] foreign ministry issued criticism. This shows that the CCP takes economic profit as more important than human life. That's not just saying it doesn't regard Chinese people's lives, but the CCP doesn't care about any lives in any country of the world."

The reporter continued:

" ... there are practical reasons for their [CCP] silence, like keeping up appearances so foreign investors won't get scared off. As to whether they had other more sinister intentions, such as spreading the virus to the entire world, we don't really know for sure."

"The Associated Press (AP) obtained a four–page intelligence report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, dated May 1, 2020. According to that report, Chinese leaders intentionally concealed the severity of the pandemic from the world in Early January. While doing so, the increased imports and decreased exports of medical supplies. The CCP attempted to cover this up by denying there were export restrictions ..."

"... Christmas Eve ... Vision Medicals, a Chinese genetic tech company ... made a critical discovery. They received a fluid sample from a patient in Wuhan ... contained a SARS like corona virus similar to the 2003 virus – 81% similar ..."

"On December 27, 2019, the lab relayed the test results to the Wuhan Central Hospital over the phone. They also shared the nearly complete gene sequence with Institute of Pathology and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Researchers described the virus as a bat-like SARS corona virus."

"On December 30, 2019, researchers went to Wuhan in person to report the findings ... to leaders of the Wuhan Central Hospital and Wuhan Disease Control center. The next day, a lab researcher received a phone call from a Hubei Provincial Health Commission official ... who ordered that existing lab samples must be destroyed, the lab was forbidden to study new samples from Wuhan ... Any existing analysis, papers or data cannot be shared with the outside world. Finally, any future findings must be reported to only the government."

"On January 5, 2020, the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center ... confirmed a new form of SARS that had never been seen before ... reported this to both the Shanghai and National Health Commissions ... similar to SARS ... suspected it was airborne ... recommended public areas undertake safety measures ..."

"But just like the Doctors' warnings from before, both government entities ignored the information and warnings. After a week of no response from any government body, the team from the Clinical Center ... published the full genome sequence online. This was the first time the rest of the world could see the full virus genome. The team's research library was shut down the following day. Chinese top medical authorities expanded the ban to all of China as early as January 3, 2020."

"What can genome sequences reveal? Why were the Chinese authorities so determined to destroy the genome sequences and samples?"

Steven Hatfill, a former researcher for the U.S. Army, said:

"... the genome sequence ... lets you make an estimate of when the new strain appeared. It's called a molecular clock."

The reporter continued:

"University of Cambridge researchers ... the outbreak appears to have started sometime between September 13th and December 7, 2019."

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