Mail-in Voting (Main Board)

by JoFrance, Saturday, June 27, 2020, 18:49 (8 days ago)

In NJ, our Governor Murphy signed an EO to make our primary election mail-in only. He blamed the virus. Its scheduled for July 7. NJ cases have been going way down and we're opening up, btw.

There was no reason to do this other than as a "test run" for the possibility of doing it for the general election. If you got a mail-in ballot, you have no choice but to vote by mail. Each county will have only one polling place open and they will only offer provisional ballots for those that did not get a mail-in ballot. Only registered voters got a mail-in ballot.

This just isn't right and is ripe for fraud. First off, why put my political affiliation on the front of the envelope. Who needs to know that? The mailman?

We just had a major voting fraud case in Paterson NJ in May.

My fear is that there will be another "spike" in the virus right around the Nov. election and some governors may do just what my governor just did to go to all mail-in voting.

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