Trump is FINALLY doing something about the H1B issue (Main Board)

by IT guy, Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 00:19 (11 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

I thought "bravo" when I read about this. But I also see a dark side. Are Americans actually up to performing this work at the scale that H1B has provided? Most developers and IT people I know over the age of 45 have left the industry.

What types of jobs did they transition to? Perhaps some of them would be willing to return if opportunities exist.

H1B has resulted in tech professional Americans becoming deskilled and relegated to paperwork and QA and customer and liason roles.

So basically they have "dumbed down" the Americans. I can certainly relate to that. In the company I work in, a lot of the pure techie work was outsourced. Those of us at the level I'm at are doing some coding and technical work, but much of our work is coordinating stuff with vendors and offshored people. I once worked with a senior-level guy at a previous job who said "the longer I work here, the dumber I get". At the time, I laughed it off as a joke but eventually realized that there was much truth in that. I am sure there are many IT people who are working in jobs they are overqualified for or beneath their capabilities.

I know that the mantra "Americans are goddamned fucking dumbasses who don't deserve these jobs that have been earmarked for blessed Indians" was prevalent up until maybe five years ago. Carly Fiorina based her entire career reputation on shitting on American workers and it kind of worked well for her for a very long time.

It didn't help her beat Trump tho. :)

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