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Apparently Git is referencing this video from Dilbert's dad, at approximately this time point:


I agree with what Grumpy is saying. Scott Adams means actual successful removal from office and probably by force. NOT simply one of the processes that we've already seen that cause an impeachment like process that terminates in no action after months of inquiry.

Debating ,ndo now:

On top of that, Adams mentions no mechanism (or at least you didn't include it). What, Democrats claim the election result is bogus and on that basis declare martial law? I don't think there is any authority given to them to do that. Nor do I think there is any legal path from "my opponent rigged the election" to "I'm the president-elect, not my opponent".

I'd hope for what you state but the key word in your comment is - "legal" path. I don't agree that it will be as procedural as you state.

Why: US law is incredibly complex, and "the resistance" finds effective and surprising ways to use the complexity to their advantage.

Also, with enough mutual sympathy, a Democrat lead house or senate could probably concoct enough sympathy within other parts of the government and/or the military to make an extra-legal removal of Trump happen successfully. All it would take would be some well placed John Brennan or James Comey type fellatio artists to assist and legitimize extra legal action.

The law and legal process has already broken down monumentally with the FISA abuse and other crap. It's not far fetched at all from present reality - actually quite consistent - to allow for something not legally proper but with huge backing of a large part of the government, press and the misinformed public. With hedge words such as "in this unique time in history, we must suspend mandated procedures in order to cope with the Orange Menace."

As proven historically during Trump's presidency, the left is exceptionally nefarious about finding SOME means to create a rationale for removal. Even if the removal doesn't succeed, they are very very good at creating narratives that a wide swath of the stupid public blithely accepts as revealed truth.

Impeachment went on FAR longer than I or anyone else expected. The rationales hung on for many months longer than I ever thought possible even when there was no case whatsoever. There were also several other mini events that didn't achieve any momentum for removal which generated a lot of press.

All it would take would be both houses of congress to go blue next election, seriously.

And the article 25 removal option really was never explored seriously IMO. That could come.

There are probably some other mechanisms that were never explored before this that some Dem would research and develop into a case.

Democrats basically hack the law for their own purposes. They are magicians of corruption. The Democrats are to legal process what Horrorwitz is to message boards.

Do not place a lot of faith in the rule of law in the US as it stands today. The rule of law presumes good faith from enough parties to cancel out and prevent massive corruption. We don't have anything approaching good faith today from most of the government.

IMO anything could happen in the climate we've been in because it already has. Trump's enemies are all insane sociopaths. Anything is possible.


I vill trransmit this information to Vladimir.

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