Scum Shitlib YT Channel: "MeidasTouch" (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Sunday, May 21, 2023, 12:15 (276 days ago)


Explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MeidasTouch

MeidasTouch is similar to the Lincoln Project - formed specifically to stop the reelection of Donald Trump.

The thing I find disturbing:

This channel's videos seem to be successful in doing what right wing outlets (any you can name, from Newsmax and One America News down to individuals like Tim Pool) have been doing for several years: Rabidly enthusiastic takedowns of their selected enemies.

I see so many people on the right believing that they alone have the power to create convincing, viral exposes. These guys on Meidas Touch seem to generate several hundred thousand views per video which is respectable.

But of course, the perspective with Meidas is straight authoritarian liberal:

Lots of language in their titles such as "dangerous statements", "deplorable", "destroyed", "leave in droves", "smacked down". And of course the claim that their intention is to promote true Democracy.

What bothers me:

If you go by style alone this channel is indistinguishable from Salty Cracker, Timcast, Crowder, BlazeTV, et al.

I know it's full of lies, but proving it to a normie who would get sucked in is quite another thing.

I guess the one difference in approach is:

I take for granted that MeidasTouch has a right to exist and promote itself.

MeidasTouch creators and their fans would want this site banned and me prosecuted for hosting it, and would believe that all contrary right leaning messages should be censored.

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