refused permission to find alternative avenues of employment (Public Board)

by ,ndo, Certifiable!, Friday, May 26, 2023, 09:23 (8 days ago)

The three dissenting agents, Steve Friend, Marcus Allen, and Garrett O’Boyle, told the Judiciary that attempts to show supervisors evidence of repeat abuses and wrongdoing led to the indefinite suspension of their security clearances, despite their stellar service records. The FBI has sought to make examples of these men, who are suspended without pay, by refusing to grant them permission to find alternative avenues of employment to support their wives and children.

Friend, Allen and O’Boyle told Congress that retaliation from the Department of Justice and FBI have made them indigent, with Allen stating that he has had to take money out of retirement savings to survive, while O’Boyle has relied on charity from his Church


that's pretty stiff

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