Good discussion about deals and good faith dealing (Public Board)

by JoFrance, Monday, May 22, 2023, 19:34 (12 days ago) @ Hillarys Colon

Any time you go to a hospital, you will receive bills for months after that. My husband had to go to emergency room a few years ago. He fell and cracked his head open. He had a 1 inch gash that they sewed up and then they moved him to a room overnight. In the end it cost us $25k. They did all kinds of tests on him that had nothing to do with the cut on his head.

We received bills for months after that from different medical people and companies that supposedly did something. I can only imagine the bills you're getting for your Dad's time in the hospital. Our bills stopped after 8 months, but my husband was only in the hospital for less than a day.

Hospitals are so bloated and inefficient. You're really at the mercy of their screwed up system. What a nightmare.

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