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a 25% increase since 2021 is excessive.

I don't even know that. What you state *sounds* right, but we really don't know. That's 2 years. We've had massive surprise increases in all categories across the board.

Maybe almost all factors of overhead went up by that much or more, and they also gave themselves a raise because of inflation.

That could do it.

We have a contract with them now and we told them we want to cancel, but they don't want to let us go, so they dropped the price. That's the offer they made to us via email.

I would personally take that offer and not take it personally. Really. IMO they met your terms halfway.

Now, did they change their fee midstream during a contract term when you assumed you were locked in? Normally a fee increase can justify breaking a contract. But maybe their contract stated that force majeur could raise prices.

If there is no such clause (it would seem unusual to say "we can raise prices if we need to during your contract") they should just release you from the contract.

When we call to talk to them, all I get is an email response that they've been very busy and they'll get back to us.

I don't see what that will do or why it matters. Businesses don't like dealing with customer carping about prices.

In my case the constant pushback and denial I got made me almost homicidally angry.

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