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by Hillarys Colon, Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 02:32 (129 days ago) @ Cornpop Sutton

I appreciate the dose of pure reality and I figured it was pretty much like that.

The term is Zoo York. And thats being nice. The crime has gotten much, much worse since the pandemic. Its up like 23% year over year or something. I saw some article the other day.

Its freaking dangerous. You just dont know when it might happen.

Question: What does a city like NY do when it decimates its tax base due to corporate flight and individuals and families moving out?

I dont know if corporations are "officially" moving out. I do k now that the people that work in them are pushing back hard about being forced to come in there. I saw whining today that its "our fault" because NOBODY wants to come in the office. What will basically happen is they will have massive deficits. As long as they dont default on their debt the merry go ground will continue.

NYC is still "the place to be" corporate wise but it doesn't seem very stable. >Meanwhile the lib administration there is absolutely dedicated to wasting as much >taxpayer money on BS and persecuting normal law abiding people as much as possible.

I think that "place to be" stuff is just lip service. I dont think they really mean it nor care. The executives dont give a sh*t - they will order the employees to come in and they will helo in/out every day from the roof like out of a sci-fi movie. That stuff already goes on.

I read stories here about Wall Street guys who left during the pandemic and set up shop in other states. They punched out to get away from the Covid and the riots. Now that they have been in these other places they dont want to go back. I have read that many are selling their property in NYC and saying FU to these banks.

But what the city will do is offer the companies SUPER MEGA tax breaks to get them to come stay. Frankly there is not much to much industry left in the city beyond FIRE sector (finance, insurance and real estate). There are a sprinkling of tech companies like Google and Amazon but I think its all show and fluff.


I have a very smol/minor NYC story of my own.

My wife and I visited there in October 2003 - conditions in NY were really good and Giuliani was "America's Mayor". Allies still smelled like sour milk but the crime on the street was much reduced at the time thanks to the city administration. We felt reasonably safe visiting there.

At night we were walking back to the port authority bus terminal. Some deranged woman, not that old and looking fairly normal and not dressed badly, started stalking us and berating us for looking at her like she was crazy.

The incident lead nowhere. She dropped off after we ignored her for awhile.

I could kind of see, though, that just living your life there would be a PITA. This >was NY at its all time peak and we as random tourons ran into a weirdo.

The city always smells like a garbage dump because IT IS A GARBAGE DUMP.

Thats a dam scary story. That stuff happens a lot, you just have to make the wrong eye contact.

The stations can very dangerous at night. Be thankful that freakazoid just bailed on you.

The NJ Transit stations are very heavily patrolled so there is very little crime inside the stations but outside - good luck. I remember my Dad telling me when I was young - if you get stuck in Newark/New York Penn Station - DO NOT GO OUTSIDE. Stay in the vestibule where the police are.

Guiliani really cleaned the city up and made the police do whats called broken window policing. What that means is they crack down on people and force them to toe the line. That includes stop and frisks - DeBlasio stopped all that when he became mayor.

I have seen propaganda campaigns in the last few years trying to get people to come back. I had the itch to go in after Christmas as I was off from work.

I rode the trains with my Dad for years and wanted to go to the World Trade Center museum. My Dad used the WTC (world trade center) for literally his entire career (like 35 years) EVERY day. I did it for about 9 years on/off myself. We worked just a few blocks from the WTC.

But than it dawned on me - why bother going in, everything I know is gone from 9/11, etc....

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