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How gas sales appear to work in the US:

E10 is pretty much universal and can't be avoided. Assume all fuel is E10 unless it is marketed as 0% ethanol marine fuel. Some stations don't even bother to post this fact, they just assume that you know that their fuel will have 10% ethanol. (We have a powerful corn lobby that foisted this fraud off on the US.)

I've seen as low as 87 at the pump and occasionally 95 but more like 93 as premium. There used to be a 10 cent price break between each adjacent grade like "regular" (87), "mid grade" (89 or 91) and premium (93.) Now the jump between regular and mid grade may be 20 cents and the jump up to premium can be 60 cents+ from regular. A few stations like Sunoco had a device to dial in the octane and theirs would go up to 95.

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