The CNN Town Hall Proved 1000 times over that Trump is a BOSS (Public Board)

by ,ndo, Certifiable!, Sunday, May 14, 2023, 20:19 (20 days ago) @ JoFrance

US elections are dominated by "electability" rather than policy. It's a con, one amongst many.

IMHO, this focus by individuals on whether they like Trump is a natural outcome of that. It's tragic to see how infantalised the bulk of the US population has become over the generations. That infantalisation is intentional. Evil at work. It's happening here too but we are smaller and less consequential.

Smartphones must make the moneylovers wet their pants. They are of course actually portable computer terminals that come with a phone attached. And computer terminals of any description or form factor are the most powerful weapon for programming individuals. Much more so than television. And remember how parents used to limit kids to two hours per day? But today, everyone (almost) walks anywhere with their head buried in their phone. This is one of the things we must break.

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