Trump Hatred is Palpable and Wide Ranging: The Lincoln Project is a Hate Group (Public Board)

by JoFrance, Sunday, May 14, 2023, 19:17 (20 days ago) @ Cornpop Sutton

I only saw some clips of his CNN Townhall. I couldn't bring myself to watch snarky CNN. When I heard he was having a townhall on CNN, I thought it would be loaded with vile liberals like Rick Wilson, but Trump hit it out of the park.

The Lincoln Project is a Trump/Maga hate group. They had a big problemo a few years ago because of their pedophile founder. Remember too that Kelly Anne Conway's husband George, was a member of that group. He's not there anymore, but he was another rabid Trump hater.

Groups like the Lincoln Project have a big mouth, but they're losing power. CNN allowed Trump in. They got ratings, that they sorely needed, but it upset people with Trump Derangement Syndrome. The commenters are probably paid. I think Trump has a lot of support and they're trying to downplay it.

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