Reparations: Making a show of making Whitey Pay Up (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Tuesday, May 09, 2023, 09:56 (26 days ago)
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Surely everyone on the board has read about the movement in California which initially started in SF to create a slavery reparations program. Total payments per black ancestry resident could range from about $150K to $1.2 million.

First of all, it's never gonna happen. These public hearings are simply virtue signaling.


Nearly 80% of California’s 2.6 million Black residents would be eligible for payment, according to one of the task force’s economists. But residents shouldn’t expect cash anytime soon. The task force did not identify funding sources, and it’s ultimately up to the Legislature and governor to adopt these recommendations and decide how much individuals could get paid.

Therefore funding sources have not even been proposed. And, this is just a draft - it needs to be voted on.

I've seen estimated total costs for the program of around $0.5 trillion.

This amount of funding could be used to create space programs, create standing armies, build national highway systems, or fund the elimination of diseases such as leukemia.

And there is a resistance that believes that the amount of payout should be increased two orders of magnitude. Pay the oldest residents $200 million. So even among those who support the concept there isn't any real concensus.

I see a likely end result of this initiative. It can't get funded at these levels unless the currency becomes so debased that $1 million becomes like a few hundred in today's money (this is likely.)

And more probable - since it's pretty much impossible to fund as conceived, it won't happen. Therefore it's one more thing for blacks to be angry and resentful about. And it's not real - reparations was concocted out of thin air to stir up the population.

Fucking retarded.

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