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by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Monday, May 08, 2023, 22:10 (26 days ago) @ dictum
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Do you believe that you can achieve the same level and quality of result if your attitude is negative and shitty, that you can if your attitude is optimistic?

Let's assume that the task has nothing to do with feelz or people or even animals.

It could be a purely mechanical task devoid of emotional content ... writing software or woodworking, for that matter. So we cut emotions out of the mix entirely.

So, suppose you enter the task thinking that the task itself sucks balls and you hate your life.

Will your result and production be the same as if you were at last neutral about your life and you like the idea of the work before you?

This is what the question revolves around - just amplified for the many things one does in conducting their life.

You appear to indicate in your response that your production, speed, and quality would be identical in both cases.

You might rebut my example by saying that it's only a one off task and the nature of "manifesting" talk is about a person's life course.

I'm saying it's valid because one's life is made up of countless tasks. If they usually go well then you have a relatively better life than if you fail at most things.

I proposed one brick in the wall, the wall being your life made up of countless bricks. If the individual bricks are done in a negative frame of mind and sense of hopelessness then probably the whole structure is rickety.

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