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by IT guy, Monday, May 01, 2023, 21:37 (33 days ago) @ Cornpop Sutton

I totally agree with you on contractors and dealt with quite a bit of flakiness. I made an appointment with one guy who said he would show up on Sunday morning. He called me THURSDAY when he was on his way. He just gave me a verbal quote, didn't have insurance info with him (he said his company was "in town next to the fire station") and came across as a hillbilly with a small time operation.

It's a contractor's market and they know it.

Good description on liability vs. worker's comp. I don't think most people think to ask about liability let alone worker's comp. I make sure to get a COI before they do any work.

Yeah, you want to insist they carry workmen's comp. It's expensive for tree services (actually that is supposedly the most injury prone occupation.)

I'm thinking that is why my last tree guy dropped it. It's a shame because he did a good job last time but not only was he missing WC but his estimate was more than 50% higher than the lowest estimate.

You tipped AFTER work was completed, right?

Correct. He routed me to a website to pay my bill once he was back in his office.

I'm seeing suggested tips popping up on carry out food receipts and even product type stores where I never saw them before.

Yeah. I'm wondering if our society is getting a bit carried away with tips. Where does one draw the line?

My reaction is that it's fine and I would have done the same as you and yes, that is a new pattern.

After tipping, I thought that perhaps I was cheaping out. Not only was his estimate the lowest but tipping a waitress only 10% is not a good tip. Different situation here and hopefully they don't hold it against me if I need them again. If so, too bad. He should have quoted me a higher price if he wanted more money.

I should have seen the handwriting on the wall in ... 1991. I should have pursued a new degree then.

You were in your 30s then? That seems to be a good time for a career change. Beyond that and it's more of an uphill battle.

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