This has happened before: Phil Donahue for being anti war (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Tuesday, April 25, 2023, 15:16 (302 days ago) @ Cornpop Sutton
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Phil Donahue was yanked from TV in the early 2000s specifically because he was anti-war, according to notes from MSNBC. Being anti-war had a similar social stigma at the time to being anti-woke or anti-CRT today.

Check it out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Donahue

My thought is that there could be multiple overlapping reasons Tucker was fired. The Dominion lawsuit is one. Another is that Tucker is anti-neocon and antiwar, but generally Fox pushes people like Sen Graham and Mike Pompeo as wisdom sources.

Also he criticized the Republican party a lot.

So Tucker went against the grain in many ways on Fox.

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